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Common Questions » Tell Me About Palladium

Common Questions About Palladium:


Can you tell me about palladium?

Palladium is one of the platinum-group metals. It is not an alloy but a pure metal, which unlike white gold, is not mixed with any other metals to produce its white appearance.

Palladium is a malleable metal which means it can be shaped, stretched, twisted to create exquisite jewellery and wedding rings.


Will my ring bear a hallmark?

All of our palladium wedding rings will be hallmarked so you can rest assured of its integrity and quality. We make our rings in Birmingham, UK and as such your Palladium Wedding Ring will have the Birmingham Assay Mark.


Can I have diamonds set into my palladium wedding ring?

This is a very popular choice simply contact us to discuss your requirements.


Is palladium a rare metal?

Palladium is an extremely rare metal, much more so than gold but has a much more favourable price tag.


What does palladium look like and is it hard wearing?

Visually there are no differences between palladium and platinum plus both are incredibly durable and virtually tarnish proof.